Gardening Products

No matter what gardening products you need for your project, Royal Victorian Gardens in North Royalton, OH has the quality materials you need to get the job done. From fertilizers and mulch to repellants, we have the items to help you care for your lawn. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Gardening Products Include:

  • Scott’s 4 Step Lawn Program
  • Reflective Tape and Round Up
  • Miracle Grow Products From Tree Stakes To Liquid Fertilizers
  • Ortho Herbicides And Insect Control Products
  • Bayer Tree And Shrub Products
  • Mole And Vole Repellants/Poisons
  • Lesco Fertilizers
  • Bonide Products
  • Liquid Fertilizers
  • Fertilized Potting Soils
  • New organic Products
  • Hand Tools, Pruners, and Gloves
  • Water Wands and Nozzles
  • Bagged Topsoils
  • Bagged Peat Moss
  • Deer, Rabbit, Groundhog, And Other Repellants
  • Tree Guards and Tree Stake Kits