Organic Products

When you’re taking care of your lawn, you want to be sure that the materials you’re using are not just high quality, but good for your lawn. Royal Victorian Gardens in North Royalton, OH is happy to provide the best in organic gardening products to help keep your garden and lawn at its healthiest. Browse our organic options below and see which works best for your property.

Our Organic Gardening Products Include:

  • I Must Garden Deer Repellant
  • Fox Farm Soil and Fertilizers
  • Greenview Lawn Fertilizers
  • Dr. Earth Soils and Fertilizers
  • Fox Farm Soils
  • Espoma Products Including Holly Tone, Tree Tone, Plant Tone, Garden Tone, Rose Tone, and Espoma’s Four Step Organic Lawn Fertilizer Program
  • Alaskan Fish Fertilizer
  • Organic and Safe Herbicides
  • Hi Yield Potash, Phosphorus, and Other Garden Essential Nutrients
  • Bush Doctor Products
  • Corn Gluten (as a garden top dress to keep weeds out of your garden)
  • Pine Bark Soil Conditioner
  • Deer Stopper
  • Green Screen Deer Repellant