Garden Tips

Seasonal Tips

Tip #1

Royal Victorian GardensNow is the time during winter to manage your houseplant and keep them happy and healthy.

Winter is prime time for tiny insects such as aphids and scale to pop up on your houseplants. Spider mites are another common winter pest because they like warm, dry conditions. A good check is to look at the underside plant leaves and inspect every time you water. Check along stems, too.

Take of care your houseplants by keeping the soil free of dead leaves, stems, and flowers. Wash the leaves of your plants with a damp cloth to clean off dust and grime that can cause decline to your plant’s overall health. Prune up your plants of the dead stems and tiny branches. Also, In the winter houseplants will go into a dormancy for lack of light cut back on your watering, and fertilizer.

Tip #2

Royal Victorian GardensStarting seeds for your garden

Even though your house is warm seeds prefer warm feet, use of a heating mat will insure greater success of seeds to start now which include cabbages-onions-kale-broccoli-Brussel sprouts-cauliflower. These are plants that can go in the garden earlier.

Peppers especially the hot ones, start around the third week of February they are typically slow to start and grow.

DO NOT plant tomatoes yet they will stretch and not perform well if they get too tall (stay tuned)

If you have the itch, you cannot scratch think of growing sprouts and micro greens for a mid-winter deliciously.

Tip #3

Royal Victorian GardensAre you seeing damage to your lawn from the dog using a small part of your yard for their bathroom all winter?

we have a solution. Gypsum is a safe mineral applied now and in April will greatly reduce current damage.

However, applying Gypsum spring-summer-fall, will eliminate the problem all together.

Gypsum applied on your tree lawn, best known as Devil strips in some parts of the country.

eliminates salt damage, even if there is no obvious damage the salt causes your lawn to stress in the summer months.

also giving way to the flourishing of weeds.

Apply Spring and Fall and you will be amazed with the results.