Heirloom vegetables



Early Girl red, eating 4-6oz. round
Celebrity red, eating 6oz. round
Big Mama red, sauce canning and salsa
Blue Ribbon red, eating 10-24oz large round
Juliet red, grape 2oz long grape size
Sweet Millions red cherry 2oz heavy producer sweet
Sun Gold orange cherry 2oz very sweet
Midnight Snack black cherry 3oz tangier than other cherry
Red Pear red sauce 10-12oz sweet

Victory seeds
Awesome for container growing – 4′ plants

Dwaff caitydid yel w/red 6-8 oz fruit
Dwarf Golden Gypsy yellow 8.10 oz sweet
Dwarf Hannah’s pride red 6-8 oz fruit
Dwarf Snakebite red 6 oz fruit
Dwarf Stoney Brook Heart red eating 4-G oz heart shaped
Dwarf Rosella purple rose/purple 8 oz round, slicing


Cherokee purple dark maroon 8-10 oz, eating/slicing
Blue’s Bling dark pink 16,oz slicing, varigated foliage
Black Krim dark maroon 8-10 oz, eating/slicing
Pineapple yellow 8-10 ozn eating/slicing
Red Brandyrwine red 8-10 oz, eating/slicing
Cherokee Ghocolate red/green 14-16 oz, eating/slicing
Lucky Gross bi-color 16-20 oz
Kelloggs Breakfast gold orange 16-20 oz

Wild Boar Seeds – Tomatoes

Pork chop yellow 12 oz, very sweet
Solar Flare red w/yel stripes 12 oz, very sweet
Pink Berktey Tye Dye pink & green  6-8oz, very meaty & sweet
Burpees Vivacious orange 4oz, heavy yields, vitamin A
Long Square plum red plum 6-7″ long, good for sauce
Canadian Red red very large, round


Orange Bell orange green ripens to orange
Red Bell red green ripens to red
Yellow Bell yellow green ripens to yellow
Long Red Frying red 8″, good for roasting
Long Yellow Frying yellow 7″, good for roasting
Sweet Round Red red baseball size, canning
Gatherer’s Gold long gold 8″, good for roasting
Lunchbox Mix red, orange, yel 4-6″
Yummy orange 3-4″, mini bells
Mellow Star red 5-6″r ripens to red
Yankee Bell red green ripens to red
Gypsy Sweet yellow at least 4″ long
Habanada yellow/orange no heat

Hot peppers

Jigsaw red variegated foliage
Trinidad Scorpion orange hot
Jalapeno green spicy
carolina Reaper red super hot
Mattepeno red, variegated foliage Jalapeno type
Pablano dark green mild heat, great for stuffing
Genovese Basil fragrant most common grown
Pesto party upright grower slow to go to seed


Traviata black largest ltalian type
Paloma white large round & sweet
Lista de Gandia purple & white striped Italian heirloom
Shooting Star purple & white striped sweet, smaller plant
Thanos black, bell shape small ltal. type, heavy yields
Artussa white, long heavy yields, sweet
Amadeo black, large heavy producer, sweet
Twilight Lightning whiten long stander white w/ lavender blush